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07 Jun

Benefits of Video Surveillance For Your Business

Making the decision to implement a video security system at a place of business can be a difficult one. With growing concern over privacy issues, a video monitoring system can seem like an invasion on the rights of individuals and employees. These privacy concerns, coupled with the expense involved in purchasing and installing a video security system, can keep many business owners from recognizing the value it provides. Here are some key benefits to consider before coming to a final decision on whether installing cameras in your workplace is right for your business.

Benefits of Video Surveillance For Your Business

Video surveillance can reduce the threat of thefts.

People often think video cameras are mostly there to protect the business against outside thieves and criminals, but it is just as likely that video surveillance can guard the business against it’s own employees. Employee theft is a serious and common occurrence for many businesses. It is estimated that approximately 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer. With that figure in mind, it is not surprising that corporate theft may account for as much as a 7% loss from a business’ gross revenue, and that an estimated 30% of business bankruptcies are the result of it. For businesses with a video security system installed, not only will it be easier to account for anything that may go missing, it can also act as a great deterrent to employees who may be tempted to steal from the company.

Video surveillance can increase overall profits.

Every business owner is in the business to make a profit; otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a business. Through video surveillance, businesses can learn how to run more efficiently and increase productivity. Allowing a manager to supervise remotely enables them to see which employees are contributing to a decline in productivity through things like too much conversation or inappropriate internet habits. They can also see which hours of the day may be over or understaffed and adjust the work hours accordingly. All of these efforts will increase the bottom line for the business and help the organization to run more smoothly.

A secondary way it increases profit is through a potential savings on insurance. Often, a business that has a surveillance system installed is eligible for discounts on their insurance policy. The savings for adding that feature can be quite substantial and are worth taking into account.

Video surveillance can help prevent violence in the workplace, episodes of sexual harassment, and potential lawsuits.

Have you ever heard of a lawsuit against a business that was clearly created out of thin air? These lawsuits happen more than one might expect, and the addition of video surveillance is a great way to protect a business in situations like these. The cameras can also act as a guard against employees or outsiders who attempt any form of sexual harassment or violence, as they know their actions will be recorded and made available for legal purposes.

The installation of a video surveillance system can be a great addition to any business. While protecting the business itself from things such as theft, lack of productivity, and unrightful lawsuits, it is also there to protect the employees and contribute to a company’s overall safety. Here at Surveillance Made Affordable, we want nothing more than to help you protect your business and employees at a price you can afford. To discuss what surveillance options may be best for you, please contact us today!

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