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31 Dec

Understanding Surveillance DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Resolutions

The world of security cameras can be quite confusing with all of the available dvr types and options. Today we will discuss the current available surveillance dvr resolution options.

The current available resolutions are CIF, D1, and 960H. CIF is the lowest available resolution. It offers 360×288 pixels. This resolution yields an acceptable picture on a cell phone or small monitor, but will have much graininess when enlarged to full screen or on a television. The next higher resolution is D1, which has 720×576 pixels. This is double the resolution over CIF and will produce an acceptable picture on a larger screen. These are generally part of an entry-level surveillance system. Next is the 960H resolution, which has 960×576 pixels. At about a 33% increase over D1, this will produce a very clear and crisp picture on any monitor or television. The following image will give you a visual understanding of the different dvr resolutions.

Security Camera DVR Resolutions Visualized

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right system to meet your budget and needs. Hopefully this post will help you in determining which type of dvr system you might purchase in the future.

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