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07 Jan

Camera Viewing Angles

People often get confused about the viewing angle of security cameras. Today we will discuss the various types and sizes of security camera lenses available today.
There are two types of camera lenses. They are fixed and vari-focal. A fixed lens camera is exactly that. The lens is ‘fixed’ and cannot be adjusted. These camera come in various narrow, medium, and wide angles. A vari-focal lens camera allows the user to manually, at the camera, adjust the zoom and focus of the camera.
Now we will discuss the various camera lens sizes. They are measured in millimeters(mm) and range from 2.8mm to 100mm. The smaller the number, the greater the viewing angle. A 2.8mm lens will offer a 109 degree viewing angle. A 3.6mm lens gives a 74 degree viewing angle. A 75mm has a 3.4 degree viewing angle. There is a chart below that lists the different lens sizes and the corresponding viewing angles.
Security Camera Lens Options
As you can see, there are many things to consider when trying to find the right type of security camera for your home or business. I hope this information will assist you in making that decision.


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